Maltarea Customer Support Summary

Maltarea offers the world’s best xxx service…

Maltarea Customer Support delivers best-of-breed support and assistance to Maltarea partners, using the latest technology to speed tracking and resolution of customer issues. Maltarea supports partner help desks and first-line support organizations, referring individual end-users to their service providers.

Maltarea partners provide first-line support and help desk assistance in two ways:

·         Solution Partners offering Maltarea Corporate Access act as first-line support for end-users at their corporate customers

·         Internet Service Providers (ISPs) act as first-line support for their individual subscribers who use Maltarea as part of an Internet service.

Problem resolution and case management processes are well defined and include specific escalation procedures. Support is available around the clock (24 x 365), with the Maltarea team mobilized immediately to address high-priority issues. 


This document provides additional detail in two specific areas:

·         Problem Resolution and Procedures

·         Network and System Capacity

 Problem Resolution

Maltarea provides round-the-clock (24 x 365) support for partners and is committed to rapid problem resolution.  Escalation and case management procedures are clear and specific.  This includes:

Case Management and Help Ticket Lifecycle

When partners initiate a support case with Maltarea, the following process takes place:

1.    The partner’s help desk staff sends an email to .

2.    Maltarea Remedy case tracking system automatically sends a response to partner acknowledging receipt of the email. This immediate message includes a variety of helpful links to on-line troubleshooting, and alerts end users that they need to contact their appropriate support team for end user assistance.

3.    The case information is received in the Maltarea technical support queue.

4.    Maltarea support reviews the case, determines if a ticket number needs to be assigned, and sets a priority for the case.

5.    The partner is automatically notified via email of the ticket number.

·         If the case is marked as Severity 1 (see below) the entire support team can be mobilized to address that case.

6.    A Maltarea support engineer follows up with partner via email or phone, depending on the situation, and works toward resolving the issue.

Maltarea’s case management system includes full Internet access. Partners can enter cases online, track status of open tickets, review recently closed cases, and locate pointers to solutions.

Upgrades and Maintenance

Maltarea strives to improve its systems, infrastructure, and software. Partners can access current versions of all software products, including updates, on the secured partner portion of the Maltarea website.

Service Level Agreements

Maltarea offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to its larger customers. Please contact a Maltarea partner or sales manager for details.

Network and System Capacity

{Extended discussion of Maltarea’s network architecture, redundant infrastructure, fail-over capabilities, expansion plans, name-brand suppliers, etc}