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What Makes a Great Data Scientist?

What are the personality traits needed to be a great Data Scientist? How do you measure up? In which areas do you need to develop your skills?

If you are part of the data science discipline, complete our short personality profiling survey to receive a personalised report on how your traits can best be applied in the profession and your skills developed.

You can also choose to receive summary reports on What Makes a Great Data Scientist based on the anonymised data from the full population of respondents – as well as hints and tips on how this evolving profession can better engage with other roles.

About the survey

First of all this is NOT a test. It is an ‘ipsative psychometric tool’ using the well-respected DISC profiling methodology. The results relate to you and to you alone. The responses you generate merely portray the ratio of various characteristics within your personality – and nothing more. You are unique. Therefore, there are no right answers and no wrong answers. The summary of anonymised results will help generate an overall profile of those working in the data science discipline.

How to complete the survey

There are 24 ‘questions’ which each contain four descriptive words. For each you must select just two words. Select one word because its meaning most accurately describes you – select the ‘Most’ button to signify your ‘Most like me’ choice. The second word you should choose is the word which is least like you – select the ‘Least’ button to signify your ‘Least like me’ choice.

Example below showing one “most” and one “least” response checked

And one final important point…

You must work through the questions in order. When you proceed to the next, you will not be able to return to previous questions. Think of yourself in the context of your working environment and choose your first, instinctive answer. The responses should, in effect, come from your subconscious. Thinking too much about your choices will spoil the validity of the overall result for you. Each question should take no more than about 15 seconds to complete.

Thank you very much for your time.

First, your details so that we can send your report and to allow better analysis of the responses

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